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click the lion's nose.




Current Youth Schedule:






October  4th No Youth (Montana attending a wedding!)

October 10th Yard Sale Fundraiser

October 11th Youth 5-7pm

October 16th Haunted House Trip

October 18th Youth 5-7pm

October 25th Youth Fun Night

Thank You,






September 6th No youth…Happy Labor Day Weekend!

September 13th Youth 5-7pm

Sepember  20th Game Night

September 27th Youth 5-7pm


Thank You,




Yo! Youth!

Here is our August Schedule!

August 2nd No Youth

August 7th End of Summer Youth Night 6pm to 9pm  Last event seniors can enjoy!

August 9th No Youth

August 16th Youth 5 to 7pm

August 23rd No Youth

August 30th Parent Meeting for the New Year!  5pm (Tentative)

Thank You,




Hey there Youth!

Let me just say, I'm sooooooo glad to be back!

Here is our J u l y schedule!

July  5:  No youth.  Enjoy the 4th of July weekend!

July 12:  5 to 7pm

July 19:  5 to 7pm

July 26:  Holiday World Trip! Times TBA

Thank You!!




Hey Youth,

As we enter the summertime for youth group, we will be focused on spending time and building our youth group chemistry. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for extracurricular events. If you have any questions, please reach out!





Dates for May are:



The flamingo “flocking” project has been very successful this spring! We raised $2600!

We want to say a big thanks to the community and the church for their generous support!

We also want to give God glory for turning this into a ministry of blessing folks during this difficult time. We received many positive comments and calls from the community. The flamin- go project, while raising money for the youth, also brought joy to the “flocked” as well as their neighbors! We are so thankful that God used this as a ministry to bless folks during this time of quarantine.

As you may already know, the Alaska mission trip is being moved to next year. The camp we intended to visit shut down for the entire month of June. The kids and families have already been told, but we wanted the church family to know as well. On a positive note, now we have additional time to raise more money! God is good, and always has a plan for us!

I miss all of you very much and can’t wait to get together again!





Dates for April are:


Hey Youth,

Just wanted to say I miss you all dearly and can’t wait till this is all over and we can have Youth again! Until that hap- pens, I want everyone to keep their heads up and stay positive that this will end soon! I miss you guys, and if you need anything, please text or call me about anything!!! Also, we will keep up with our weekly FaceTimes so we can stay in touch! Until then, I love you guys and remember, we are never alone in this quarantine because we have God    right beside us always!

                                          Love, Montana





Dates for March are:




March 1st Regular Youth 5 to 7

March 8th Fun Night M

March 15th Regular Youth 5 to 7

March 16th Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser Begins

March 22nd Regular Youth 5 to 7.  Cancelled 

March 29th Church Movie Night.  Cancelled 
Hope you can join us.









                            Dates for February are:



Feb.   2nd Super Bowl Party @ 5pm

Feb.   9th Alaska Info Meeting @ 4pm followed by Regular Youth from 5 to 7pm

Feb.  14th Valentine's Dinner Fundraiser @ 6pm

Feb.  16th Fun Night

Feb.  23rd Regular Youth 5 to 7pm



Hope you can join us!!!









Dates for January are:

Jan   4th:   Chili Fundraiser 12 to 2pm

Jan   5th:   Regular youth 5 to 7pm 

Jan 12th:   No youth (Montana on vacation) 

Jan 19th:   Game Night 5 to 7pm 

Jan 26th:   Regular youth 5 to 7pm


Hope you can join us!!!




Dec 1st: Regular youth 5-7pm

Dec 8th: Regular youth 5-7pm

Dec 15th: Christmas Party 5-8pm

Dec 22nd: No youth

Dec 29th: Church Movie Night, youth encouraged to join.

More dates and times to be added.

I will announce as we know more.



NOV     3th: regular Youth 5-7pm

NOV 7-9th: Judgment house. Meet at the church at 5:00pm before going.

NOV  10th: Game Night 5-7pm

NOV  12th: Youth McAlister's Night fundraiser  5-8 pm

NOV  17th: Regular Youth 5-7pm

NOV  24th: Youthsgiving 5-7PM

NOV  20th: Regular youth meeting 5-7pm







Dates are:

Oct 5th: Yard sale fundraiser 7am to 2pm

Oct 6: Prayer Study/Craft night 5-7pm

Oct 13th: Bandy’s Pumpkin Path 4-7pm

Oct 18th: Haunted House Trip times TBA*

Oct 20th: Regular youth meeting 5-7pm

Oct 27th: Regular youth meeting 5-7 pm

*More details and times TBA.


Sept. 23 note from Montana:

Hey just wanted to give everyone some youth group updates. 


Tomorrow Tuesday the 24th We will meet at the church at 6pm to volunteer at Gum drops for anyone that can go.

Also there is a sign up sheet on the youth board for anyone that is wanting to go on the trip to Alaska in June 2020. The final day to sign up for the Alaska trip will be October 6th. After we have our sign ups we will have another meeting to just talk about the trip.


 I also want to inform everyone of the Yard Sale Fundraiser we will be having at the church on Saturday October 5th from 7am to 2pm. I will have the kids sign up for different shifts to work and will have a flyer to pass out and to post for everyone to share this week. And please if anyone has any items to donate you can put them in the senior high youth room. We will gladly take your junk. 


And the last announcement is that Baraba Finney has asked us to pull some weeds at her house for her and she  is going to pay the youth for their work so I will need a couple of the youth to meet at the church at 5pm on Monday Sept 30th. The kids have already been informed of this. I am done rambling now lol.


For any questions do not hesitate to ask me! Thank you everyone!



Sep.   1st:   Regular youth meeting 5-7pm


Sep.  8th:  Regular youth meeting 5-7pm


Sep. 15th:  Fun night 5-7pm. 


Sep 17th:   Volunteer at Gum Drops 6:30pm 


Sep 20th: Church tailgate @ CHS football game


                               Youth encouraged to come! 

Sep 22nd: Regular youth meeting 5-7pm

Sep 29th:  Movie night with the church.

                              Youth encouraged to come! 









Just wanted to give everyone some details for Friday (Aug. 9) for the Back to School Camp out.  We will meet at the church at 5pm.  Then we will head to the camp ground to set up and eat dinner.  We will stay for breakfast and lunch on Saturday and should arrive back at the church at 3pm.  Please bring stuff in case we get to go swimming!  And please let me know if you have any questions!






Our Kick Off to the beginning of the Youth year will be August 25th

and it starts with Parent Night! More details and times to be announced later.  








I hope you all are enjoying your summer! We had a great time at Six Flags this past week as well as helping out at VBS!

Just a reminder, we will not be having regular youth meetings on Sundays during July. We will be continuing with our more relaxed schedule until we start back up in August.

Don’t forget! We have a blood drive coming up Saturday, July 27th from 10am-2pm.

I will also be making announcements during service to keep everyone informed of our schedule and the fun events to come! Thanks


It's time for church camp!! If you have questions, call the church office (618) 985-2574) or ask Montana.  You can see more information by using the link below:







Crainville Baptist Youth Group with Rev. Juan Aragón,

missionary to Chiapas, México



Our Youth are fantastic and have a lot going on.  See the main church calendar on this website or go to their Facebook page (click the lion above.)


Junior High and Senior High


Youth group meetings are usually on Sunday evenings at 5:00to 7:00 PM.  To be sure the meeting time has not been changed for some special event or due to weather, it is best to call the church office, (618) 985-2574, on Friday morning.



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Mid-week Bible Study and Prayer
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
In person or by Zoom. (For Zoom directions call the office or Pastor Cody.


Mid-week Bible Study and Prayer
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
In person or by Zoom. (For Zoom directions call the office or Pastor Cody.




Mid-week Bible Study and Prayer
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
In person or by Zoom. (For Zoom directions call the office or Pastor Cody.
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