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Sister Church in Puerto Rico




We have received the name of the church that we will be partnering with in the Sister Churches Initiative!

Our sister church is:


Iglesia Bautista de Quintana

426 Calle Cuba

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00917



Pastor: Zavier J Baez Cosme


Contact: Eddie Diaz

Associate Pastor:



Click here for their website


Sister churches are not expected to provide financial support but we are hoping to:

-provide spiritual and relational support as they recover from the 2017 hurricanes.

-learn about the history and challenges our Puerto Rican churches face.

-celebrate what God is doing in Puerto Rico.

-pray for one another, communicate with one another (letters, photos, email, skype)

once every three months, and visit each other as travel plans permit.

-promote exchanges of friendship and encouragement between

children of the sister churches.


We are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with this church in prayer and fellowship. We look forward to the blessings this partnership and the opportunities that God will provide for both churches to better the Kingdom.


Rev. Cody Knapik


"Una iglesia que refleja el amor de Dios."

is translated

"A church which reflects the love of God."