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Dreams, Visions and Prophecies

Dreams, Visions and Prophecies***


Abraham is the first person in the Bible to be called a prophet.

(Genesis 20:7)


Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel are called the Major Prophets.


In his gospel Matthew mentions 22 times that Old Testament prophecies have been fulfilled.


The first two kings of Israel, Saul and David, were both prophets.  The combination of the roles of king and prophet did not continue beyond them.


The name of the prophet Elisha means “God is salvation.”


The name of Jonah the prophet means “dove.”


Jacob is the first of God’s chosen people in the Bible who has a dream.

(Genesis 28:10)


The only dream given to a woman in the New Testament is the dream of Pilate’s wife.    (Matthew 27:19)


The name of the prophet Ezekiel appears only twice in the Bible.

(Ezekiel 1:3; Ezekiel 24:24)


The prophecy of Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament having only 21 verses.


The first dream recorded in the Bible is that of Abimelech which warned him that Sarah and Abraham were really husband and wife.     

(Genesis 20:3)


God spoke to Joseph, the father of Jesus, four times through dreams.



***The Ultimate Bible Fact & Quiz Book    By:  Martin Manser