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Three Days That Changed the World

(1)  Which Old Testament book has a verse in it which is taken as a Messianic prophecy

       about Jesus being killed with sinners?

       (answers below)

(2)  Who strengthened Jesus as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane?    


(3)  True or false?  On the day he rose from the dead, Jesus appeared  to Peter, and spoke to

       him privately.

(4)  Who stood outside Jesus’ tomb crying?      



(5) What were the disciples arguing about during the Last Supper?



When Jesus shouted out from the cross  “It is finished,” it was not a cry of loneliness or defeat, but a cry of achievement.  He had accomplished what he had been born to do.

Since Roman law did not allow the Jews to carry out the death sentence,  Jesus was taken to Pilate for the third hearing.  Blasphemy was not a crime under Roman law, so the Jews submitted the charge of revolutionary activity.

The “curtain of the temple” separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place.  Under Jewish law, only the high priest could go through, and then only once a year.

The tearing of the curtain symbolizes the destroying of the barrier between God and men.

The Ultimate Bible Fact & Quiz Book   by:  Martin Manser 


1.  Isaiah 53:12  2. An angel  3. True - Luke 24:34  4. Mary Magdalene  5.  Which of them was the greatest