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About Angels




The Greek word "angelos" really means "messenger."  It is translated in this way in the New Testament when it refers to a human being (Luke 7:24).  However the word usually refers to a separately created order of heavenly beings.


What sort of angel is Michael?      (An archangel)


How did angels help Jesus during and after his temptation in the desert?     (They attended him)


What was the name of the angel who told Mary she was going to have a baby?     (Gabriel)                                                  

The name Gabriel means "hero of God" or "mighty one."      


True or false? 

Paul says that nothing can separate Christians from God's love, not even angels. 

(True - Romans 8:38-40)


Mark is the only gospel not to mention angels.  


True or false? 

According to Jesus in Matthew 22, angels  do not marry.     (True - Matthew 22:30)


The writer to the Hebrews describes someone who is far greater than angels. 

Who is this person?       (Jesus)


Who is the first person in the New Testament who sees an  angel?        (Zecheriah)                                                                       


In both the Old and New Testaments the first accounts of visits from angels are to women - Hagar and Mary.


***The Ultimate BIBLE Fact & Quiz Book          by: Martin Manser